About Us


​In the early 1950’s, in Columbus, Ohio,  my father was working very hard to put food on our table.   He worked two jobs most of the time and it was still hard to make ends meet.   During those years, there were very few opportunities in management for African American men, even those who were fortunate enough to have  college educations  

Being energetic, ambitious, and determined to make a better life for the family,  he signed up to be a Watkins, door to door, sales associate.  He started from the trunk of his old jalopy, working deligently and building several active customer sales routs.  Soon, he was top salesman in the area and in 1952 he became a distributor and was finally able to quit his other two jobs. 

Later, Daddy moved to Chicago where he opened Watkins Quality Products in a small storefront in the neighborhood. His charismatic personality and his superior salesmanship were the qualities that made  him one of the most beloved, well known, and  great businessmen in the community.

Daddy is no longer with us but his legacy lives on.  Daddy’s store is still open.  Like many other businesses today, our brick & mortar store is transitioning to an on-line operation; 2buyflavor.com.  Our local customers will still be able to pick up products from our warehouse located at 8008 S. Western Ave., Chicago, IL.   Our associates, those who hold current Watkins’ membership, will continue to receive their appropriate discounts.   Please phone us at 708-704-2313 so your order will be ready for your pick-up.